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I am rich
I am strong 
I am powerful
Losing is not an option 
I will keep God first and 
All that I say I am I am
All that I say that I’m not I will never be 
I will meet every goal face to face and win 
I will overcome every obstacle with my faith
I will never allow fear to knock me down 
Every action I make will be a positive action 
I will win with no excuses
I will not fail because of someone else's opinion 
I will always be coachable 
I will listen before speaking 
When I pray and ask for strength health and wealth it’s done and never delayed or denied  
I will only attract the focused and successful in my life and 
Never will I be broke because now I understand the value of saving and investing 
Nothing evil will ever be able to harm me, My family, my business my home or those who love me because I’m covered by The Alpha and The Omega the great I am, and if he is with me than who can be against me 
I will always keep god first  
And he will always keep me covered 
I am rich 
I am strong 
I am powerful 
And losing in not an option

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